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It’s thanks to Martha Pollard, who is Dementia Befriending and Carer Support Programmes Manager at the Eric Liddell Centre (ELC) in Edinburgh, that we came across this resource: A Pocket Guide to Arts Activities for People with Dementia.

Martha works with a group called ‘Lunch Breaks’, which is attended by people living with dementia, and carers. The programme offers a range of activities to suit varying interests, she says. ‘Connectivity grows over the shared meal, and the activities.’

You can read Martha’s reflection on using poetry with the group in Edinburgh, entitled ‘Creativity and connection in dementia’ which she wrote for Scotland’s Faith in Older People, the charity based in the city, which (like Anna Chaplaincy) is enabling a better understanding of the importance of the spiritual dimension to the well-being of older people.

Click here to download the booklet

A Pocket Guide to Arts Activities for Pe
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