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Dementia resources – for reflection

'The Long Goodbye', dedicated to my mother, who has severe dementia. Outwardly you look the same: Hair set and carefully curled, Matching clothes - usually a touch of pink Your sometime welcome smile appears, but not so regularly. You learned so masterly The correct reply to give; Your inability to recall covered with a crafted mask; For us, the hard-to-recognise missed clues. 'I'll have what you are having.' Made restaurant meals a possibility; A desire... Read more

We are grateful to a subscriber of the Anna Chaplaincy newsletter in Cheltenham who brought this poem by Norman MacNamara to our attention. It is reproduced with Norman’s kind permission. When I wander don’t tell me to come and sit down. Wander with me. It may be because I am hungry, thirsty, need the toilet. Or maybe I just need to stretch my legs. When I call for my mother (even though I’m ninety!)... Read more

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