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Afro-beat praise at Durham care homes

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Afro-beat praise and worship dance comes to Melbury Court and St Aidan’s Lodge care homes.

Recently staff and residents in both these Durham care homes enjoyed moving to the beat with local curate Mahalha.

‘Dancing is fun and enjoyable’, writes Anna Chaplain Karen Abbott. ‘It gives a sense of community, boosts confidence, reduces depression and anxiety, improves cognitive and emotional expressions.’

‘Combining worship and dance is a beautiful way to glorify God. No matter your background, your affiliation, or your generation, you can dance for God. Dance is universal and a beautiful way to express your joy and gratitude for the one who gave us these gifts and talents.’

Mahalha is a curate in the Durham north team. Some photos taken in Melbury Court show the afro-beat praise in action.




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