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Anna Chaplaincy network passes the 200 mark!

Watch this space for news of a flurry of commissioning services over the weekend which mean the Anna Chaplaincy network nationally is now more than 200 strong!

It is a significant landmark for us as the number of Anna Chaplains, and others in equivalent roles, continues to grow despite all the challenges of visiting older people that have existed since the pandemic began.

We have seen men and women commissioned in Wales, Surrey and Lancashire over the weekend and look forward to introducing you to the new recruits in the coming days. Each has a wonderful story to tell of how they have been drawn to this ministry among older people and have taken the step to become an Anna Chaplain or volunteer Anna Friend in their neighbourhood.

Anna Chaplain Pam Shaw

Read stories of colleagues in the network already up and ready to read, like Wendy Wilson in Cumbria and Pam Shaw (left) in Lowestoft, for example.




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