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Anna Chaplaincy's core team expands

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A warm welcome

We're delighted to introduce you to Wendy Hopkins, who is our new additional coordinator for Anna Chaplaincy. Wendy is based in Bristol and will have particular responsibility for organising the efforts of our working group, comprised of senior members of the Anna Chaplaincy network. Wendy will be coordinating their work spreading the message of Anna Chaplaincy for Older People at speaking and training events across the country.

Wendy has a background in graphic design and voluntary work with Scripture Union. She has been a member of our Anna Chaplaincy network for some years thanks to the work she has been doing with seniors in her home area. She attended our last two annual Gatherings at Swanwick and High Leigh and so already knows a great many of our Anna Chaplains and those serving in equivalent roles across the UK.

Wendy is home-based, part-time, but she is making regular visits to BRF's offices in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, and will be attending many events nationwide. She will be liaising closely with me and her colleague, Anna Chaplaincy coordinator Alex Burn, who has been with us since 2014. We warmly welcome Wendy to the expanding team.


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