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  • Debbie Ducille

‘Charting the future for digital health in end-of-life and bereavement’ – a fascinating webinar and findings

Debbie Ducille recently attended a webinar hosted by St Mary’s University Twickenham, which is the home of The Art of Dying Well Project under the directorship of Maggie Doherty.

The discussion and presentations were fast-paced but hugely informative, including research updates and observations from a range of health experts in the field. The project has written its own blog summarising the webinar here

‘I found it a thought-provoking hour,’ Debbie reflected. ‘In Anna Chaplaincy, our focus is, quite rightly, upon the accompaniment and physical presence of a chaplain with another person and their family/carers in later years, often at the end of life.’ This is also held as a priority by those participating in the webinar, but in addition they have taken the opportunity to signpost the value of:

  • personalised digital care plans, allowing patients to express preferences for end-of-life care, drawn up alongside GPs and other healthcare providers

  • enhancing access and online support for patients and their carers

  • digital technologies that can enhance physical presence and support of people at the end of their lives or those living with a form of dementia, e.g. social robotics, wearable devices, etc.

‘In this complex arena, I am grateful for The Art of Dying Well Project and their leadership in navigating such discussions with sensitivity,’ Debbie concluded.


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