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'Facing the Canon' - J John targets hopeful news on sight loss and deafness

Evangelist and presenter J John invited into his studio two key figures in the world of disability advocacy Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson...

In a two part interview with both women on TV channel, God TV they spoke of ways in which blindness and hearing loss doesn't stop people contributing to the Body of Christ.

Both Part One and Part Two are now available to watch on YouTube.

You can find out more about Marilyn Baker Ministries at her website and visit the Torch Trust website for more news and helpful items to improve life for people with sight loss.

Tracy Williamson's Open Ears charity serves people with a whole variety of causes of deafness.

Marilyn Baker

We're grateful to viewer, Ann Wills, who takes dance and worship into some care homes in southern England, for drawing the interviews to our attention, telling us how 'inspiring' they are. Ann also included this poem she's written extolling the value of

'Movement and Dance in Worship'

'It’s a joy to take part in Christian dance

Because praise and worship it can enhance.

Listen to a beautiful Christian song

And begin to move and dance along.


You can use colourful flags and ribbons of many a hue

Children and teenagers enjoy using them too.

It enables Christians to take part in a summer fair

Showing something of our faith for others to share.

You don’t need to be young or strong

Just give your heart to Jesus to belong.

In your church, Sunday school, or at home alone

Dance and feel Jesus making His presence known.

So think about giving it a try.

There’s no need to be nervous or shy!

Use movement to express your love

And dance in reverence and praise for God above.'

Ann Wills




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