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  • Debbie Ducille

First Anna Friends commissioned in Blackburn Diocese

Sheila Fisher, licensed lay minister/Anna Chaplain at St Wilfrid’s Church, Standish (diocese of Blackburn) has written to tell us of their recent commissioning service, to coincide with Candlemas:

‘Our church family was pleased to welcome our new Anna Friends: Yvonne, Marlene, Debbie and Anne (Judith will also shortly be joining our team).

‘In recent weeks we have shared the training course together, prayerfully and with much reflection – and this has been a time of affirmation and joy. Anne, Debbie, Marlene, Yvonne and Judith are the first Anna Friends in our diocese as we see this ministry developing and growing.

‘Our prayers of commissioning and welcome were led by Rector Andrew Holliday and it was a special day for me as it also marked the first anniversary of my commissioning as the first Anna Chaplain in our Blackburn Diocese.

‘These are exciting times – so lovely to be working with this group of truly dedicated people.’


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