• Debbie Thrower

Fishy Adventure

Updated: May 7

One of the consistent cries from our network has been please may we have more ideas for resources for all confined to home. Anna Chaplains are writing newsletters, sending material by email and post. The Southampton Anna Chaplaincy team, through the charity Caraway,

are adapting to not being able to meet in church for their customary Vintage Adventure sessions (a variation on Messy Vintage) by printing up materials to email and post through letter boxes, etc.

Their first Vintage Adventure @ Home takes the theme of Jesus' resurrection appearance to his disciples as they fished on the Sea of Galilee. There is the story of the subsequent fish barbecue on the beach at breakfast time, some prayers, poems and a reflection. Anna Chaplain Marion Hitchins recalls a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and describes the beach identified as the one where Peter had his encounter with Christ by the waterside as one of the most spiritually uplifting places she visited on that trip.

As with all such sessions, there are craft ideas and even a recipe for a delicious fish dish which participants are encouraged to make, take a photograph of and send it into the Highfield church team before devouring, so they can make a collage of all the meals even if they can't share hospitality in person.

A free tea bag is distributed with each Vintage Adventure @ Home pack so worshippers may make their own cuppa and enjoy the pack's contents in their own time, and at their own pace, knowing they are in good company!

My own version of the recipe using store cupboard ingredients!

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