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Flower festival publicity for Anna Chaplaincy!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Our Anna Chaplaincy Lead in Wales, Rev Sally Rees, took the opportunity to extol Anna Chaplaincy at her local flower festival. It's a lovely idea and well done Sally and daughter Becky. You might like to think of doing the same thing and 'say it with flowers' on behalf of Anna Chaplaincy for Older People in your own setting?

Sally writes: 'Our church at St Edmunds Crickhowell are holding "A Celebration in Flowers: A year in the life of the church expressed in flowers"... held in conjunction with the community Crickhowell Open Gardens Weekend.

My daughter Becky, who has recently opened a florist shop, made a beautiful arrangement to accompany the Anna Chaplaincy and pastoral care window. The guide to this window included the Anna Chaplaincy prayer. I also had a banner made and left lots of information about Anna Chaplaincy (and our advert for a part-time Anna Chaplain in Brynmawr) for people to take.

Many churches have flower celebrations and festivals and it is a great opportunity to publicise Anna Chaplaincy!'



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