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Hope Tree

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Anna Chaplain in Chichester, LouLou Morris, has created a Hope Tree in her front garden and it's captured the imagination of her community.

LouLou, who is also a tapestry artist and Licensed Lay Minister (LLM), has been adding items to the tree over recent days and so, it seems, have her neighbours.

'Children have been chalking encouraging words on the pavements around me, and this was in front of the tree this morning,' said LouLou:


Coordinator of Anna Chaplaincy Chichester, David Cooke, has also told us of an internet WhatsApp group they've created which joins together at seven o'clock in the evening to draw on the Celtic spiritual tradition with 'the Aidan Compline' – evening prayer inspired by the Northumbrian saint, 'but you can follow and enact it at any time,' he said.

St Aidan, who died in 651, was the founder and first bishop of the Lindisfarne island monastery in north-east England.

Contact them at their website.



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