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Hundreds of knitted angels ready for dispatch!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Knitters have been busy in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, crafting handy-sized woollen angels as gifts for care home residents in their locality. Some of our other Anna Chaplains who are keen knitters also contributed several knitted angels for the cause while relaxing at our recent Anna Chaplaincy Gathering at High Leigh.

Anna Chaplaincy coordinator at BRF Ministries Marian Muskett

Our coordinator Marian (Muskett), who is a keen knitter herself, said that, 'Having posted angels we knitted at the Gathering to Sally Bates (network member), in Frinton on Sea, I’ve had this lovely response and a great photo of the 425 angels ready to go out to the local care homes. A few of us really enjoyed being involved.'

Congratulations Sally, on masterminding yet another brilliant project for Christmas in your area, (writes Debbie Thrower).

We know there are other Anna Chaplains engaged in similar projects in other parts of the country. It is great news, and we'd love to know more, and see some photos so we may share your story more widely.

Do drop us a line at




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