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July pampering in Alton… where Anna Chaplaincy began

‘On 26 July, we opened the Alton Methodist Church to host nearly fifty older people for the first ever Anna Chaplaincy summer event in the town,’ reports Alton’s Anna Chaplain, Kate Powell.

‘It was hosted by the 15-strong Alton Anna Chaplaincy team with a seasonal theme. The summer’s day began with crafts, hand massages and nail painting in the main church, before going into the dining hall for a delicious homemade picnic followed by strawberries, shortbread and cream.

‘Each of the Anna Friends shared a brief profile of their ministry in Alton and the event finished off with a prayer and a sing-a-long which lifted everyone’s spirits!

‘Although it was busy, the Anna Chaplaincy team made sure they found time to come alongside older people so there was depth as well as breadth to the afternoon.

‘The feedback has been very positive so we will be sure to host another such event when we have all recovered!’

Congratulations to all the Alton Anna Friends and other helpers who made the occasion such a memorable and enjoyable one in the town where Anna Chaplaincy began in 2010.




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