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Knitted 'Advent calendar' on a street-scale!

There's one corner of Peckham that's going to be a lot less colourful now Christmas has come and gone. A friend's neighbour in the London Borough (writes Debbie Thrower), decided to do some festive yarn bombing with not one but 25 knitted spectaculars altogether – a new one appearing every day from 1 December through to Christmas Day.

This is a collage of my friend's snaps as day by day the street-sized Advent calendar came to life, attached to trees in the locality. Clearly, the neighbour (who prefers to remain anonymous) is a prolific knitter with no shortage of original ideas…

'Yes, she just loves knitting and creating the calendar was just something she enjoyed doing. Last year she knitted a large three-panel one which this year she put up on Christmas Eve. We had such fun finding them. I love guerilla knitting. We have another great person who knits post box toppers all over the district. I take photos of those too when I see them.'




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