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Lighting up Christmas with stars

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Babs Lowes with last year's Christmas gifts of knitted crosses

Remember the knitted crosses and how the idea spread like wildfire? Well now, how about lighting up Christmas with stars for your local care homes for Christmas 2021?

Anna Chaplaincy in Barrow, Cumbria, has been asking local people for help in the coming weeks to light up the lives of people in the community this Christmas, especially those living with dementia. Already, they have many volunteers...

Letters have gone out to schools and churches as Anna Chaplains in the area partner with Alzheimer’s and other dementia contacts in Barrow to enable the delivery of these small gifts in the run-up to Christmas Eve.

‘Wouldn’t it be marvellous if a wrapped star and tagged star was received by these lovely people? They would so appreciate this beautiful gift and I’m sure it will give them great joy in deciding where to hang it’ writes Anna Chaplain Babs Lowes.

‘I have become aware of the national picture of a general deterioration in people “living with dementia”. They and their carers at home have suffered greatly, with Covid-19 impacting on essential services as face-to-face support groups ceased and there were delayed and missed diagnoses.’

She and her colleagues are urging people to join in with their ‘Light of the World 2021’ venture… ‘as we bring Christ’s hope to these lovely people in our wonderful caring community of Barrow.’ The knitted crosses from last year brought, and still bring, much comfort to people, many holding them for comfort.

Please find a knitting pattern here and a template for those who want to make a stuffed fabric star or indeed a simple decorated cardboard star.

Babs suggests: ‘Our younger generation in churches could make this cardboard star and write the message or a prayer on the reverse. Please ensure there is a loop so that the star can be easily hung and avoid dark colours. They can all be so individual!’

She envisages a volunteer coordinator in each church, who can give out the patterns and templates to people, keep tabs on numbers of stars pledged and collect the finished stars. ‘Our lesson learned from last year is that it will be better to have a small team of wrappers of the stars and also different people to write the message “Jesus Light of the World, love from the Churches of Barrow.” This will help us keep a tally… older people in our community, love to knit and sew and love helping others. It will give many a real purpose, in helping others and a sense of achievement, during this pandemic period.’

If you do initiate your own stars project in your area do, please, let us know and send us some photographs so we can share what's happening far and wide!




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