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'Lost Years' BBC radio worship service gains plaudits

Updated: May 11, 2021

Appreciation of ‘Lost years’, BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship on 21 March – Eileen Simmons in Leigh on Sea, Essex writes:


As an Anna Chaplain I listened as I normally do to Sunday Worship yesterday, but with more interest than usual. Were I not an Anna Chaplain, the service would have inspired me to learn more about our growing movement.

It was a beautiful, poignant service, which illustrated wonderfully the large range of activities undertaken by different Anna Chaplains to promote the spiritual welfare of older people.

Thank you, Debbie, for leading and all Anna Chaplains who took part. This last year has been so devastating to so many families. For every life lost to COVID-19 there are families grieving; many deeply sad that their loved ones died without the opportunity to say their goodbyes. Sunday Worship will have offered comfort. My heart was moved and lifted during the service. We all need encouragement and hope and both were offered.

I say AMEN in the full meaning and the commitment that it brings.

Eileen Simmons, Anna Chaplain & Methodist local preacher

22 March 2021


You may listen again to the service here.

Other feedback included comments such as:

Just wanted to say what a wonderful start to the day – I found the service very spiritual and moving, lots of inspiring stories which hopefully will touch those who are not yet involved in Anna Chaplaincy.
Thank you so much for all that went into making the BBC Radio Sunday service this morning so amazing. We are very grateful to you and the team for bringing the meaning of Anna Chaplaincy into a huge forum, for allowing people to hear some wonderful stories to encourage many and above all for showing that our older friends are not and will not be forgotten. We are sure that listeners will have been touched by what was said.
Thank you for the broadcast service this morning, which was excellent.
What a sensitive and humbling service, beautifully and thoughtfully put together.
I loved the way the music and the thoughts blended in so perfectly. Such a peaceful encouragement in continuing challenging times. Knowing God is walking with us through difficult times makes such a difference. It is in such times that our hearts are filled with the joy of the Lord, and your service shared that joy with the listeners.
Just right for the day and time and inspiring in every aspect.
It was lovely to hear your Richard [Fisher, BRF's Chief Executive] doing the reading this morning on Radio 4… Also, great to hear how Anna Chaplaincy is doing and how its growing. I cried when they played 'You raise me up'! Because that's just what the elderly need to hear especially those with dementia not knowing who people are around them!'



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