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Stemming a tide of frustration

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

In common with many of you, I suspect, I've just had a frustrating morning on account of the internet, or lack of a good broadband signal to be precise.

We've come to rely so heavily on being able to speak via internet platforms that when connections are poor or non existent we realise just how vulnerable we are to technological failure. Work stops… without a good connection!

Many people through lockdown report they are dreaming more than usual. I've had a series of dreams lately about the de-humanising aspects of life – robots, on-board computers in vehicles, data kept in invisible banks recording all sorts of aspects of our lives. Each one an 'anxiety dream'.

Come daylight it dawns on me that so much of what we are seeking to do via Anna Chaplaincy and through BRF is about human relationships. I think we are something of a bulwark against a tide of dehumanisation. We help people relate better to one another and with God in a multitude of ways.

We are keeping in touch with lots of people via Zoom - investing in people. As one of our team said this morning:

Everyone is working in such isolation. The encouragement we provide by enabling sharing, and actually being able to tell someone about what they have been doing and their concerns, is invaluable.

Hear Hear! Just praying I have better broadband speed when it comes to the next Zoom/Skype/Teams meeting of my day – the pattern, very probably, of your days too!



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