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VE Day 'virtual' tea party

Updated: May 14, 2020

Busbridge and Hambledon Church, Surrey, hasn't allowed lockdown to dampen the wartime spirit. Anna Chaplaincy network member, Penny Naylor, co-hosted a tea party to celebrate VE Day via Zoom, allowing Lisa Olsworth-Peter to lead a singalong of wartime/vintage songs. The gathering was similar in style to a vintage tea party held for their 'Prime Time' group last November.

Together they looked at photos from VE Day and enjoyed readings. You did have to bring your own tea and cake, and dressing up in red, white and blue street party-style was actively encouraged!

To join the party one just had to go to the website and follow the link. Two clicks and you were in!

Anna Chaplaincy coordinator, Alex Burn, slipped into the virtual party and singalong and said, 'What a lovely occasion it was. All those smiling faces in houses and gardens with flags, tea and cake… And joining in the singing! It actually shows how comfortably a group of about 30 can meet in this virtual way. It’s the first time I had seen it happen.'

She was impressed by how Penny and Lisa had created a 'lovely relaxed and informal atmosphere while keeping us smoothly working through everything. So impressed some people were sending messages, so obviously they were really familiar with Zoom. Congratulations to you and Lisa for all your hard work and imagination for making this happen today and thank you so much for the invitation to join you.

'Lets hope it isn’t too long before we can all meet again!'


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