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About the Spiritual Care Series Course


Older people have a better quality of life when those who care for them understand their spiritual needs and are skilled in delivering this kind of care. This easy-to-access, eight-session training course develops confidence, understanding and skills in anyone offering spiritual care to an older person. The Spiritual Care Series is a highly effective course developed by leading practitioners in the UK care of older people, including Professor John Swinton.

Spiritual Care Series

What is the Spiritual Care Series Course?

The course is a comprehensive introduction to enabling people to offer good quality spiritual care in their local communities. Here are just some of the key features of the course:

  • Eight two-hour sessions with video material to introduce each topic and provoke discussion  

  • Available and licensed by BRF and Anna Chaplaincy for older people in the UK, who are taking a lead nationally in quality of support for older peoples’ ministry

  • Recognises that ‘a person is not truly healthy if he or she is struggling to understand the meaning and purpose for their life’

  • Has been successfully piloted with Anna Chaplaincy members in the Northeast

We recognise every group running the course will be unique. You can contact us for an informal chat about the Spiritual Care Series – call 01865 319700 or email us at

The Spiritual Care Series learners at St John’s Church, Harborne.


What the training provides

  • Participants gain an understanding of older peoples’ needs, as well as confidence and skills in providing spiritual care

  • The training material reflects Christian values but does not assume them. This training is suitable for use by people and in contexts of all faiths or of none

  • Churches can access a comprehensive training package for those who work with older people

  • High-quality content delivered in a highly engaging and memorable way

  • Groups can deliver it as best suits them – in person or online

  • Learning is reinforced and assessed through quizzes as you go along

  • This training integrates well with existing Anna Chaplaincy training pathways

Course sessions

  1. Understanding the ageing process

  2. Spirituality in ageing

  3. Good communication

  4. The power of storytelling

  5. Dementia

  6. A new home and a new way of life

  7. Grief, loss, death and dying

  8. Roles, boundaries and self-care

Recommended for

  • Christians who want to offer good spiritual care to older people in their church, in the community or care homes

  • Authorised ministers (ordained or lay) who want to specialise in offering spiritual care to older people

  • Chaplains in other sectors and who work with older people

  • Anna Chaplains, Anna Friends and people in equivalent roles in their local church

  • Churches who want to train a pastoral care team in developing skills and good practice

  • A benefice, deanery, Churches Together group and other local or regional church groupings who want to offer training

  • Care home staff and other professionals wanting to provide good spiritual care

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