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Anna Chaplaincy Impact Report 2021

Anna Chaplaincy was founded in 2010 with the aim of supporting older people both spiritually and practically and to enable them to continue contributing to society through their experience, skills and wisdom.

Following a special tenth anniversary service in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, in February 2020, it was time to take stock: to evaluate the work to date and plan for the future. The results of that evaluation, combining an internal survey and external audit, have now been published, at a time when issues surrounding the care of older people have never been more centre stage.

The impact report highlights both quantitative and qualitative research findings. On average, each chaplain spends 12.6 hours a week in this ministry, amounting to over 100,000 hours, or 624 weeks, a year across the network. Of the Anna Chaplains surveyed, 94% believed that not enough is being done to support, include and make visible older people in our communities and that they could all accomplish so much more with larger teams and greater resources.

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