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Events diary

A round-up of dates when we may be in your local area, and events of general interest.

Debbie Thrower leads an ‘Equip Day’ in Bristol for churches interested in expanding their ministry among older people, in conjunction with the George Müller Charitable Trust, Bristol.

Called, ‘Making the most of our mature years’ it’s about equipping churches to offer spiritual care through the Anna Chaplaincy approach to supporting Older People. Explore some of the spiritual and emotional issues facing individuals growing old in the twenty-first century and see what’s distinctive about the whole spirituality of ageing.


Take part in a Messy Vintage demonstration from practitioner Jill Phipps. See for yourself the benefits of focusing on helping people to go on growing spiritually. ‘If you want to see more ministry among older people, improved support for those living with dementia and their carers, and to celebrate all that our mature years have to offer, this day is a must. Come and unlock how to take full advantage of the abundance of life-experience and wisdom among our older generations,’ said Debbie.  

Change of venue:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue has changed to Ebenezer Church, 286 Filton Ave, Bristol BS7 0BA


10:30 – Arrive (from when refreshments will be available for a prompt 11am start)

11:00 - Müllers Introduction

11:10 - BRF & Anna Chaplaincy - Debbie Thrower

12:30 - FREE Sandwich Lunch

1:00 - Vintage Messy - Jill Phipps

2:50 - Q & A

3:00 - Finish




10:30 – 15:00

13 November 2019

Debbie Thrower

Equip Day


Ebenezer Church, 286 Filton Ave, Bristol BS7 0BA



A 5-day, mid-week course at the beautiful retreat centre of Lee Abbey with Dr Jennifer Bute and Dr Ros Simpson.

  • Would you like to learn more about dementia and how to cope with it?

  • Are you a carer of someone with dementia and would like rest and sharing with others in a similar position?

  • Are you someone interested to help people who have dementia and their carers in your community?

  • Would you like your church to be more engaged and compassionate towards people who have dementia and their families?

Come to a midweek break at Lee Abbey in North Devon for a few days to meet Dr Jennifer Bute and Dr Ros Simpson of Southampton charity, Caraway, which is recruiting Anna Chaplains in the city, who will share about dementia, and our response to it. There will be talks, discussion, sharing, craft, and many other things that Lee Abbey is and provides. It is a great place. One person said of it:   “ It’s a thin place where God inspires me.”


Topics covered:

  • Dementia from the inside

  • About carers, surviving, thriving and being loved

  • Coping in tough times and brokenness

  • Dementia friendly churches and communities

  • What does scripture teach us about dementia?

  • Japanese memory group experience

  • “Peace by Piece”, a craft item.


Other programmes running alongside are Worship: Encountering God’s Presence with Jon Pocock and Bread of Life with Sue Pocock.

For more details take a look at Jennifer’s website:

Or contact Dr Ros Simpson on

Or for details and to book, go to the Lee Abbey website.





27-31 January 2020

Debbie Thrower

Dementia from the Inside


 Lee Abbey, North Devon, Lynton EX35 6JJ


£209 - £281

A week-long certificate course at Cliff College, Derbyshire, on ministry among older people, led by Debbie Thrower. More details to follow.





24–28 February 2020

Debbie Thrower

Ministry among Older People certificate


Cliff College, Cliff Lane, Calver, Hope Valley, Derbyshire S32 3XG



‘Issues of Christian spirituality and faith in an ageing population is a key story - and linked to dementia for some, even more so'
Revd Jonathan Woodhouse, former Chaplain General to the Army and lecturer in chaplaincy at Moorlands College