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Living Liturgies Transition time resourc

This book offers a creative worship resource for pastoral ministry with those at an often over-looked time of life - the move from independent living to dependency, or from the 'third age' to the 'fourth age' of life. The twelve liturgies - and accompanying reflections for those leading the worship - were developed by Caroline George after many years of working in church and community settings with older people, and provides valuable help... Read more

Creative Ideas for Ministry with the Age

Written out of Sue Pickering's own experience as a chaplain to a residential care community, this book is suitable for ministers who visit older people; chaplains, pastoral visitors and care givers; and all who help train others in pastoral care. Part 1 explores the key theological elements of ministry with the aged. Part 2 provides simple service outlines for 'reconnecting with old treasures'. Parts 3 and 4 offer imaginative ideas for pastoral practices... Read more


Tricia Williams (Ed.) The entire series - Words of Faith... Words of Hope... Words of Peace... - provides a wealth of material for those responsible for putting together worship for people who are struggling with memory loss in residential care home settings, or for domestic carers looking after someone at home... Read more

Grandparents Festival.jpg

Churches are increasingly wanting to celebrate the role of grandparents. It was after seeing publicity for BRF’s Grandparents’ Festival in Portsmouth Cathedral, that Gillian Thomson got in touch to tell us about her ‘Liturgy for Grandparents’ she was developing. Gillian has spent some time writing some liturgy, planning special ‘Grandparents’ Services’ and considering the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren while training to be a minister. She has kindly made her materials available to download here... Read more

Gen Gold Jan Radford speaking to the con

We met Pam Rolls and Jan Radford at Christ Church, Oxford, when they came to the launch of BRF's Bible Reflections for Older People. Pam and Jan wanted to tell us about their ‘generation Gold’ services designed specifically for older people, and have put together information to share with others who also put on daytime services which suit the tastes of people who one might describe as loving traditional worship but wanting... Read more


Kathy Galloway

'Fresh prayers and service formats that build on the Celtic tradition using simple, contemporary language that sometimes surprises and reliably succeeds in being both accessible and profound.' Read more

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