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The Anna Chaplaincy Handbook is designed for people wanting to develop this tried-and-tested approach to ministry among older people in their area. You might be an individual sensing a calling to this ministry who wants to go to the next level, or a church leader exploring Anna Chaplaincy as an effective response to the needs of older people in a world of accelerating demographic change.

What’s in the handbook?

The handbook contains 25 chapters of distilled expertise on how to meet the spiritual needs of older people using the Anna Chaplaincy approach. It opens eyes to fresh possibilities and to the opportunities for a deepening spiritual life. It also addresses vital practical aspects of this ministry, such as supervision and safeguarding.

Contents list:

1 Introduction and vision 
2 The changing nature of old age 
3 Ageing and spirituality 
4 Spirituality and dementia 
5 What is an Anna Chaplain to Older People?
6 The role of an Anna Chaplain 
7 Getting started: a guide to establishing an Anna Chaplain in your community 
8 Knowing your patch 
9 Anna Friends/Chaplaincy volunteers: developing a team 
10 How to know if you are effective: evaluation and monitoring 
11 Advice on the safety and well-being of adults 
12 Training 
13 A snapshot of the life of Anna Chaplains in Alton through their activities 
14 Listening and conversation skills 
15 Prayer 
16 Funeral ministry 
17 Working across the community 
18 Helping people prepare for retirement and old age 
19 Working with people living with dementia and their supporters 
20 Self-worth in our later years 
21 Messy Vintage 
22 The Anna Chaplaincy network 
23 Useful resources 
24 Frequently asked questions 
25 Conclusion: recurring themes and sources of inspiration


'This is a wise handbook and one which is to be treasured. It sees that the care of older people is part of the heart-purpose of God and that for churches to be involved in this form of ministry is to share in the healing love which Christ has for our hurting communities. I commend it to you most warmly, with gratitude for all that has already been achieved and in the hope that this form of ministry will continue to flourish and grow in the years ahead.' 
Rt Revd Dr Christopher Herbert, former Bishop of St Albans

How can I get a copy?

The Anna Chaplaincy Handbook is available as a PDF for £19.99, or you can order a print copy for £25.00. Please fill in the form below for further details. Anna Chaplaincy is currently only available in the UK.

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Also available:

Julia Burton-Jones’s Anna Chaplaincy in Rochester Diocese: A blueprint for other dioceses across the UK. Read the story of how one part of the country developed Anna Chaplaincy across parishes far and wide. Fill in the form below for more details, specifying 'Rochester Blueprint'.

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