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Bible Reflections for Older People


Bible Reflections for Older People is a daily companion to keep by one’s side.  

The success of a sampler edition of these notes in 2014 prompted us to produce

regular Bible reading notes designed especially for those in retirement and

in their later years.

Our aim is to provide daily devotional reading, written by older people and for  

older people, discussing issues directly affecting the quality of later life such

as hope, remembrance, and loneliness. Published three times a year, we

hope they will prove a useful resource whatever one's circumstances.

You may wish to read them yourself, give a subscription to a friend, or relative or,

perhaps, to someone at your church. They are an ideal tool for pastoral visitors

opening up meaningful conversations or, for example, those leading worship

in care homes.

Bible Reflections for Older People are a key part of the goal of the Anna Chaplaincy programme to improve the spiritual lives of older people in the UK, and part of BRF Ministries’ commitment to transforming lives and communities.

Bible Reflections for Older People is commissioned and edited by Eley McAinsh, and is published every four months – in  January, May and September.

‘It is good to see older people, who make up the great majority of church attenders in the mainstream denominations, provided with such a resource.’ – Revd Dr Albert Jewell, The Methodist Recorder

​‘Many thanks for sending me another edition of Bible Reflections for Older People. It is a helpful supplement to the rather unimaginative short evensong and communion service we have once a fortnight at [our care home], which does not include any message.’ – Long-time BRF donor and subscriber

‘I have already given a copy to an elderly man in our parishes who is dying and wants to nurture his faith. It’s an exciting opportunity to use such an excellent resource to help to nourish him in his last weeks and months.’ – BRF subscriber

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