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Learner experience

‘Honestly, I think it could be THE teaching tool that changes perspectives on ageing, both in Christian communities and those invested in care provision. It could lead to much improved, more respectful and appropriate care of all kinds amongst older people: if spiritual care is taken seriously, it means all aspects of care are being taken seriously. People will be able to enter residential care to live rather than to die, seeing out the end of their lives with hope and confidence. We were absolutely enamoured by it. We thought it was wonderful, such an excellent course. It was an extremely professional presentation, and it was totally relevant. It explored situations that all of us were likely to encounter at some point in our work with older people.’

Pam Nobbs, Anna Chaplain, Newcastle region

‘What’s really good is the range of resources. You have things to read, things to respond to and, as part of the videos, round table discussions with John Swinton which are very effective. The course doesn't use overly academic language, which I think is really important if you’re going to get spiritual care out to a wider audience. The materials, and the way it's presented, are superb. The resources could be easily revisited many times and I think the question is, how do we share it? How do we share such a strong, strong resource?’

Maureen O’Neill, Director, Faith in Older People


‘I’m so enjoying the course and although I have worked with the elderly, learning about and understanding dementia is new to me and coming from a place of almost despair when visiting the homes, I’m finding it’s now where I want to be…’

Online learner, from Beacon Elim Church, Malvern, summer 2023

‘The course was excellent and relevant and I learnt a lot for myself and about myself, as well as being able to use it when reaching out to older people.’

Participant, St John’s Harborne

‘The need for this kind of ministry hasn't gone away, quite the opposite, and we need to respond.’

Pam Nobbs, Anna Chaplain, Newcastle region

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