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These companion volumes are useful aids for anyone putting together worship for older people or for someone who just wants an anthology that is easy to dip into at leisure.

In his foreword to The Time of Your Life, Revd Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology at St Aldates Church in Oxford, writes how he first met Marie at a conference:

What struck me was her depth of spirituality, her desire for more of God and a twinkle in her eye... Marie is a woman who has walked with the Lord, who has heard his voice, who has understod his ways, who has been through the fire with him, who has known life’s disappointments and delights, and who has been transformed into the likeness of the Lord she loves. Marie writes as one with authority – an authority conferred through a life lived and a Saviour known; an authority marinated in grace. In this book, wisdom hard won is distilled in brief, though never trite, memorable meditations. Here is bandage for the bruised, food for the journey, lovers’ whispers.   

This title can be ordered from CWR

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