Anna Chaplaincy Easy Guides


Anna Chaplaincy Easy Guides offer ideas and inspiration for churches in their work with

older people. Drawn from the rich experience of Anna Chaplains across the UK, they

provide pointers for getting started in a variety of contexts where older people’s spiritual

care is a focus.

Commissioned by an editorial group hosted by BRF, Anna Chaplaincy Easy Guides are

peer-reviewed and updated regularly so they provide the most up-to-date guidance.

They are freely available to download and share. The range of titles will continue to grow

as we receive suggestions from churches for helpful topics to cover.

Anna Chaplaincy Easy Guides give an overview and a handful of key points drawn from Anna Chaplaincy experience, with further resources listed for those wanting to find out more. BRF offers the guides in the sincere hope that they will contribute to excellent spiritual and pastoral care for older people.

You can download the available Easy Guides below.

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  • Easy Guide 1: Running a 'Holiday at Home'

  • Easy Guide 2: Linking care homes with local schools​

  • Easy Guide 3: Running Messy Vintage in community settings

  • Easy Guide 4: Setting up a dementia café