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Finding God in a Culture of Fear: Discovering hope in God's kingdom


How can we live a little more hopefully each day?

Fear, terrorism, corruption, fake news… it can be easy to become discouraged by the culture around us. Now more than ever, society needs hope in order to survive and flourish.

This book takes us beyond comfort zones and easy answers, and towards a deeper understanding and practice of hope.

It offers reflections, stories and practical ways for individuals and groups to find hope in their lives through discovering more about God in their midst. Focusing on God’s intervention in biblical history, God’s presence in contemporary contexts and God’s promised hope for the future, Joanne Cox-Darling encourages us to live more confidently, noticing more of the Spirit in our daily lives, and with more compassion and – ultimately – hope in God.

This title can be ordered from BRFonline.

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