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How to Handle Later Life


In February 2020, author Marion Shoad spent a morning taking part in a training session for Anna Chaplains and Anna Friends organised by Julia Burton-Jones. She was asked to speak because she had spent more than ten years writing a book called How to Handle Later Life (Amaranth Books, 2017). Its 1,000 pages explore the main choices people face as they grow older and the ways in which they can avoid potential problems.

The author is offering copies free to individuals and groups involved in supporting older people in churches, such as the Anna Chaplaincy network, Anna Friends and Christians on Ageing. If you would like one, just drop her a line with your name, address and a cheque for £3.50 to cover postage; the address is Marion Shoad, PO Box 664, Rochester, Kent ME1 9JB.

Amaranth Books’ website provides further information, including links to the introduction, table of contents, reviews and sample chapters, as well as a facility to purchase.


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