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If you’re looking for good ideas that brings the generations together for activities alongside one another… we’ve news of a useful resource.

Anna Chaplaincy network member Revd Dr Erica Roberts, Southampton’s City Chaplain for Older People, has been collaborating with her own Winchester Diocese, and the Portsmouth Diocese. A whole folder of ideas is the result, entitled ‘Intergenerational Projects for Schools and Parishes'.

Among the ideas, which help foster friendship and mutual respect, are creating mosaics, building with willow, knitting a Noah’s ark, building a labyrinth, or making poppies for the season of Remembrance.

The booklet is available from Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Schools Advisors at the Joint Education Team: or

Intergenerational Projects.jpg

Erica is thanked for her advice and expertise, after the team ran two ‘hugely successful intergenerational projects’ with her chaplaincy and local schools involving The Saints Foundational at Southampton Football Club and Dementia UK.

They plan a second edition in this current series of booklets which will feature ‘A Holiday at Home’ with Highfield School, and The Memory Project, and with the assistance of St James’ School, Southampton. 

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