• Debbie Thrower

A Host of Angels

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Worcestershire Anna Chaplain, Eileen Tomlin, thought you might like to see the Host of Angels they have created for their community in and around Malvern. Here's the pattern too if you fancy having a go yourself.

'We knitted around 180 between us, so there were enough for five care homes, and some of the staff too,' writes Eileen. 'I made a Christmas card to go with each one, and then one of the homes asked if I could make cards for all their staff too. So I ended up making around 500 cards!

'Fortunately, two people who had read about the Anna Chaplaincy offered me various things to use. One gave me loads of lovely blue card and some surplus glue, and the other used her die-cutter to cut dozens of stars to decorate the cards. There were enough angels left to put into Gift Bags for our elderly church members who have been "locked down" since early March.'

The Host of Angels pictured were blessed at Eileen's church – Malvern Link with Cowleigh – before they were put into bags to quarantine, and then delivered to the homes. 'The one near the front who is "different" came in his work clothes as he didn't realise it was a photo-call. God said, "It's okay – I need workers as well as those who stand around singing hymns of


Congratulations to Eileen and all her team, who adds by way of a footnote that they have just reached their target 'to change our church room into a Dementia Centre which we hope will be opened during 2021'.