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  • Debbie Ducille

A taste of sunshine and warmth at Candlemas service celebrated at Yare Valley Churches (Norfolk)

Anna Chaplain Gaye Hailstone writes:

‘On this special day, when we celebrate Anna, the eponym of our ministry, here at Yare Valley Churches we took the opportunity to also celebrate age. We decorated our church with names of other wonderful old people we read about in the Bible, some famous quotes about the delights of old age and a snapshot of the work our Anna team are leading in our parish. The thought for the day was of course about Anna and the wonderful gifts and life skills older people have to offer – followed by “Anna Reflects” written by John Lansley.  We all enjoyed walking down the path to the church surrounded by Candlemas flowers and beautiful snowdrops. The church was packed and many (old and young) said what a wonderful service it was and how they loved the old hymns, which were a selection of those always chosen by the residents when we worship in our local care homes.’




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