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Appreciation for BRF's Anna Chaplaincy team!

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

My thanks to the Anna Chaplaincy team at head O]office

'We have been interregnum since Easter and during that time the BRF Anna Chaplaincy team have been there to offer support and guidance when I have most needed it. Without their listening ear, encouragement and wise words, I would have found it quite difficult at times to know what to do. In particular, my thanks go to Julia who has spent time with me gently suggesting a sensible way for me to move forward whilst still leaving me to make that decision for myself.

'We all use this blog as a means to let everyone know what is happening in the world of Anna Chaplaincy and I just thought I would share with you all an example of how wonderful it is that we are all members of such a caring family who are always there for us. Thank you Anna Chaplaincy head office and bless you all.'

Gaye Hailstone (Anna Chaplain at Yare Valley Churches, Norfolk)




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