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Award for BRF's Spiritual Care Series

We're thrilled that BRF won an award for the Spiritual Care Series at last week's Christian Resources Together, CRT, exhibition in Derbyshire.

Sponsors of the CRT award, announced at Swanwick said:

'The Booksellers Association was delighted to sponsor the Supplier Impact of the Year Award at this year’s CRT. Warmest congratulations to BRF Ministries on their win, in recognition of the superb work they do to inspire, equip and support people of all ages to grow in faith.'
Kate Gunning, Head of Membership Development, the Booksellers' Association and Karen Laister, Head of BRF's Marketing and Communications

The Spiritual Care Series is a highly effective course developed by leading practitioners in the UK care of older people, including Professor John Swinton (of the University of Aberdeen and a vice-president of BRF).

The course is enabling many churches and individuals interested in better pastoral care for older people to gain fresh perspectives on ageing and spiritual care. The easy-to-access, eight-session training course develops confidence, understanding and skills in anyone offering spiritual care to an older person.

Karen Laister speaking at CRT last week

Karen said after the presentation:

'The Spiritual Care Series course is having a profound impact on those using it as a training resource. In addition to developing the skills to provide excellent spiritual care to older people, the course develops an understanding of the ageing process, and what this means for each of us, in the learner.
The impact award at the Christian Resources Together event is a great honour, and reflects the transforming nature of the Spiritual Care Series in enabling sensitive and effective pastoral ministry.'



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