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Book of Job inspires words of comfort in times of grief

However parched we may be, even a 'scent of water' will be enough to revive us no matter what has felled us, temporarily, on life's way. So speaks a significant line of scripture in the book of Job, 'There is hope for a tree when it is cut down... merely a scent of water will make it sprout' (Job 14:7-9).

Author Penelope Swithinbank has compiled a collection of 'Words of Comfort' to help in times of bereavement. Her book Scent of Water (Sarah Grace Publishing, 2021) is dedicated to her late mother, Irene Walter (nee Lanston) who died when she was 90. Penelope chose this verse to place with that dedication:

'Charm is deceptive

and beauty does not last;

but a woman who fears the LORD

will be greatly praised.'

(Proverbs 31:30)

Like refreshing waters, these pages are meant to be dipped into rather than gulped in one go. They are 'dyslexic-friendly' in the way they are set out so as to be easy to read or look at.

'It is a gift book for those who are mourning, whether the loss of a loved one or indeed of their own imagined future life following a terminal diagnosis. It is a resource for those who minister to the bereaved; it is for times when anything more than just a few words or a thought or anything too deep, is impossible,' says the author.

One reviewer, Marissa Warner, declared that 'Scent of Water is a beautiful book. It is a book dealing with grief and loss but in a special way. This book sits close to you in your grief and is simply there for you, waiting.'



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