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Bus Pass Holiday Club goes on the road

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Bus Pass Club enjoying a day out at Gorleston, Norfolk

Here in Norfolk at Yare Valley Churches we decided last year, (writes Anna Chaplain Gaye Hailstone) that it was unfair only the youngsters at church had an annual Holiday Club week so the Anna Chaplaincy Bus Pass Holiday Club was launched.

August 15 was the first day of our 2022 holiday and wow, what a wonderful week we have had. There were 30 of us who got together each morning and started the day with chair aerobics, then after coffee, there was some entertainment i.e. sing-a-long, name that tune, a quiz, bingo etc. Then time for lunch, and after that, we set off to the coast for a paddle and to the broads for an afternoon cruise.

When we were on board the boat some of us were on the top deck without any cover, when the heavens opened – we had rain for the first time in three months!!!
Norfolk Broads outing, Wroxham

We also went to a Venetian waterways garden and lake by the sea, to a crafts and baby animal centre and on the last afternoon, we joined together for a lovely 'Songs of Praise' service in the church.

We managed to keep the cost for the whole five days including meals and all trips down to just over £50 per head. Already people are asking if we will be running this again next year. It catered for the 'old elderly', 'the young elderly' and those on the dementia pathway, and we and others who helped also had a fabulous time.

It was a fabulous week of fellowship, laughter and love. If any other Anna Chaplains would like to consider running something like this, please contact me.

A very tired but happy Gaye and Collette. You can email me via:




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