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  • Debbie Ducille

Calling all Messy Vintage groups

Do you run a Messy Vintage group in your community, church, café or local care home? You may call it something different, but essentially this is one way of adapting the Messy Church model for adults in different settings. The principles of Messy Church – being Christ-centred, welcoming to all ages and based upon creativity, hospitality and celebration – can work in a variety of contexts.

Debbie says:

‘Due to limited capacity in both teams, we cannot coordinate or enable Messy Vintage groups in a more structured way, unfortunately. However, we do hope that you have found resources that are helpful to you on the Messy Church web page in this ministry. Please do take the time to take a look at the free, downloadable resources there, and please do register your group sessions on the Messy Church website: the team will be encouraged to hear from you!’



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