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  • Debbie Ducille

Chaplaincy on the Edge: a day exploring being on the margins through art, research and story

‘This event caught my attention,’ says Debbie, ‘and I thought it might be of interest to those involved in chaplaincy/Anna Chaplaincy in the Yorkshire area.’


Chris Swift (previously chaplaincy lead for MHA) writes about how chaplains are not simply on the margins between church systems and the medical paradigm that dominates the hospital, but between life and death, a Christendom past and contemporary spirituality that has rejected the rights of external authority.

Yet, being perceived as on the border or edge can be a place of creativity that brings various benefits. Through story, art and research this study day will explore aspects of liminality and marginality and the joys, frustrations, opportunities and challenges that being ‘on the edge’ can bring. 


This is a day developed for Free Churches Group chaplains and will take place in Sheffield, but is open to other chaplains to attend. Booking via Eventbrite, cost £35, including lunch and refreshments.



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