• Debbie Thrower

Church success with services on DVD

Updated: May 13, 2021

Holy Cross Church, Bearsted, Kent

Maidstone Anna Chaplain Sue Yeo is thrilled at the success of church services 23 care homes in the Maidstone area are now receiving on DVD. The other two in the area receive church services regularly using the telephone, Skype or Zoom. She says:


I have just distributed a new DVD entitled 'A walk with the risen Christ'. There is another being recorded, by Holy Cross, Bearsted for Ascension and Pentecost.

I am also putting together a service that will be distributed at the end of June entitled 'Summer of Hope', which I am hoping our local school children will be producing pictures and poems to go out with.

The children's input last time for the Mothering Sunday DVD with pictures and poems was received so well by the care homes – they were pinning the pictures up, and having a time of reading the poems. It brought some lovely positive feedback.

I think the DVDs have been so successful that even when we can go back into the homes as normal we will still, on special times in the church calendar, go on recording and distributing them.


The DVDs are put together by Sue and colleague Peter Ashford. Fellow Anna Chaplain Elizabeth Bryson, says she is still 'leading telephone services in one care home, to the bed-bound in another care home and to two parishioners; I lead Skype services into the lounge of two care homes. Also I have been coordinating the delivery of the DVDs. I am glad to know that all 25 Maidstone care homes are regularly receiving church services in these various ways.'