• Debbie Thrower

Daily Hope's new phone line

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A new 24-hour phone line has been launched aimed at the estimated three million older people who have no internet access.

Ring free phone line number 0800 804 8044 and you'll hear a welcome message from Archbishop Justin Welby. Then you can choose from a menu to listen to 'hymns we love', a selection of well-known hymns, advice and prayers specifically about the coronavirus, a weekly church service and more traditional morning and evening prayers.

'Hymns we love' is described by originator Pippa Cramer at Holy Trinity Church, Claygate, Surrey, as 'a wonderful, gentle and very accessible way of sharing the Christian faith with our older friends. This generation grew up with these wonderful hymns – they are so accessible. We came up with the idea of sharing 'hymns we love' (with hymns and comforting prayers of hope) via a free phone line. All older people have a telephone, even if they do not have a computer!'

Justin Welby said Daily Hope, available from yesterday (Sunday 26 April) would bring worship and prayer into people’s homes while church buildings are closed because of the coronavirus.

'With many in our country on lockdown, it’s important that we support those who are feeling lonely and isolated, whatever age they are,' he said. 'The Daily Hope service will allow people to hear hymns, prayers and words that offer comfort and hope, especially in this Easter season.'

Pippa Cramer explained: 'My prayer has been that thousands upon thousands of older people up and down the country would come to hear the good news of Jesus, and experience his love – amidst the uncertainty and the fear at this time, this feels like such an amazing, extraordinary opportunity to share God's comfort and hope.'

She is 'really keen for Daily Hope to be shared widely and for as many older, isolated ones as possible to be given the opportunity to connect with the church and to be given some hope and comfort at this difficult time. We are hoping to encourage everyone to call elderly friends and neighbours to let them know about this free Daily Hope telephone line.'