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Elim Pentecostal Conference hears more about Anna Chaplaincy

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Our church lead, Debbie Ducille, was encouraged by the warm welcome received and the mutual sharing of ministry experiences, as she joined the annual Elim Chaplaincy conference in Malvern, Worcestershire, last month.

Chaplains from across the UK attended – many from a health sector background – alongside network members Sally, Mavis and Hilary from Wales flying the Anna Chaplaincy flag!

Debbie reflected: 'It was a real privilege to offer a presentation about Anna Chaplaincy to the conference participants, to engage in such positive conversations and to be prayed for as a ministry. I’m very grateful to Nigel Tween (chaplaincy director for Elim UK) for his invitation, and we look forward to further collaboration, in potential training development and opportunities to present more widely among the Elim membership.'




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