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  • Debbie Ducille

‘Empowering communities to care’ – a challenge to practical action, from Pilgrims’ Friend Society

Chief executive of Pilgrims’ Friend Society, Stephen Hammersley, has been working with his team in recent months on a document that reflects upon the ‘Reimagining Care’ report commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury (read BRF’s press release here, from January 2023). This new report – you can read it here says Stephen, confirms  ‘that church and community-led social action of the kind that Anna Chaplains initiate is a strategic and necessary response to our ageing population. Funders and policymakers should take note and shape approaches that encourage more. We hope that readers will circulate the report as widely as possible… with MPs, funders, and other policy shapers… Many of its recommendation came from our consideration of what we know that Anna Chaplains and others are achieving.’

Debbie Ducille says: ‘We have been pleased to add our support to this document – a manifesto of sorts – as a fellow charity serving in this arena alongside Pilgrims’ Friend Society, and we look forward to the impact that these practical suggestions might have on policy and action at a local and national level. The document will be officially launched in June, and it is hoped that we can report on its reception among policy-makers and others, following the event.’



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