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For all who are lost for words in the face of another’s grief…

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

We have just published a new, specially-commissioned, grief resource. Grief Conversations: For all those living with loss & supporting others through loss is written by Gail Millar and Jill Phipps. This is a free-to-download 41-page booklet, designed specifically to help people bereaved as a result of the pandemic.

Clearly, the subject matter is also highly relevant to anyone encountering loss, or trying to support people they care about who have been bereaved and need sympathy and consolation. Find out more and download your free copy here.

We are also delighted that thanks to generous funding a number of physical copies have been printed for use by author Gail Millar and the charities Befriended, Time to Talk Befriending and London City Mission.




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