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  • Debbie Ducille

Health report on an ageing society

Professor Chris Whitty was a familiar figure to us all on the television during Covid lockdowns, but he remains chief medical officer for NHS England and has recently released a fascinating report exploring health and our ageing society (focused on England alone rather than UK). Click here to read the recommendations and executive summary (the full report is also available).

‘Of particular interest to me,’ writes Debbie, ‘ is the map of England and predictions for how our society’s age profile may change dramatically by geographical area in the next 20 years (part 3). This has huge implications for us all; certainly, for housing, transport, health and social care provision, but also for the church and for ministries such as Anna Chaplaincy. A wider conversation must continue and for this reason, I’m grateful for this report in presenting such a full and challenging contribution, helping us to develop an appropriate, proactive response.’


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