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Keeping aligned to Jesus, as organisations grow

One of our friends and contacts in Australia, Ben Boland, has recommended a book for us Keeping Faith: How Christian Organisations Can Stay True to the Way of Jesus, (Acorn Press, 2023) that is co-written by John Swinton, a BRF vice-president.

Prof John Swinton, Chair in Divinity and Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen

John Swinton's fellow authors Stephen Judd and Kara Martin are based in Australia and the USA respectively. So there is an international breadth of thinking to this book which is looking at 'how Christian organisations stay true to the way of Jesus'.

Chaplain, Revd Ben Boland writes:

'Since the birth of the church Christians have been inspired by Jesus' love to start organisations to care for people (e.g. hospitals, schools and aged care). However, over time many of these organisations have lost their Christocentricity. 'Keeping Faith' explores in a deep and practical way how a Christian organisation can keep the Gospel central.
Exceptionally well written and thought provoking, I highly recommend it.'


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