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Kum Ba Yah

A brief insight in to the life of Norfolk Anna Chaplain Gaye Hailstone:

'Today I was reminded why I became an Anna Chaplain.

This afternoon we took simple worship into one of our care homes for those on the dementia pathway.

We were just about to start the service and a chap was brought in. He sat on his own and didn't interact with the other residents. Evidently, he hadn't spoken since he arrived at the home a couple of months ago.

I moved to sit with him and shared my service book with him. After a little while, he began to join in with the hymn singing and later even helped me choose a hymn. And what a perfect choice it was "Kum Ba Yah". The Lord had certainly come by today and a small miracle had taken place. The staff at the home just couldn't believe what had happened – it was a wonderful moment.'

Note: A little research shows each word of the song title is a Hebrew word: 'Kum' means arise; 'bah' means come or is coming, and 'Yah' is the name of the eternal God. God, arise and come. Arise and come, God.




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