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Listening therapy at its finest as Anna Chaplain becomes a ‘beautician’

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

We all know how a good hairdo or having your nails done perks up a day. Good for morale and good for one’s appearance at the same time! So when Anna Chaplain Wendy Gleadle was invited into the ‘salon’ at her local care home Wendy didn’t hesitate.

We return to hairdressers time and time again and they often prove to be not only skilled hairstylists but also effective listeners.

Wendy is Anna Chaplain in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire:

Thought you would like to know my Anna Chaplaincy role in the care home now extends to beautician! The lady in question is almost 104! It is fun to bring this new way of caring into the home! My lovely client is Win, almost 104 years old and one of the most faithful Christians I have ever met. She can’t do much these days, but when I asked her how she passes her time, she said she just sits and chats to Jesus! When I pay my weekly visit to the care home I normally sit with her in her room – we reminisce, pray and I read to her from her Bible. Last week I read Psalm 23, and she recited all the words by heart just ahead of me!
She doesn’t really enjoy group activities, but this week she was tempted to come to the ‘hairdressing salon’ with a few others for a makeover. The well-being manager washed and set their hair and I did the manicures. It was such a happy morning, and even the more poorly ladies were animated and engaged. It struck me that making them feel pampered and beautiful was a true expression of how God wants his children to feel loved.

So, time spent on personal grooming pays dividends in all sorts of ways. As well as raising the spirits when you look in the mirror nothing beats being listened to by someone who really cares. What an elegant centenarian she is. Clearly, Win is beautiful inside and out!

Are there any other budding beauticians, manicurists, out there in the network? If so, do drop us a line with your photos.

You couldn’t fit me in for a cut and blow-dry next week, could you?!




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