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Marion Golding- newest recruit to Kings Worthy's Anna Chaplaincy team

Congratulations to Marion Golding who officially became an Anna Chaplain in Kings Worthy, near Winchester, Hampshire last month.

'When my husband and I moved to Kings Worthy in the summer of 2019, we were so pleased to find a welcoming and caring community at St Mary’s.

We were both keen to get involved and contribute to the life of the church. I found myself drawn to ‘Tuesdays Place’, a monthly gathering for older friends within our locality. It was evident that social contact is crucial to a person’s well-being at this stage of life.

My involvement in ‘Tuesdays Place’ naturally led to visiting some of our friends as part of the pastoral and spiritual commitment of the church. I also became involved with Sunday afternoon services that particularly provide for this part of our community.

Anna Chaplains at their recent relaunch - Helen Bradish, Marion Golding, Ann Jones and Lynn Shaw

Being part of the Anna Chaplaincy brings all of these aspects of my involvement together within a role that includes relevant training and accountability.

'All of us are likely to need friendship and support in our later years and it 's a privilege to contribute through this form of chaplaincy.'



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