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Marking the Queen's death with a fitting care home service

Anna Chaplain Joan Grenfell in Jesmond, Newcastle, reacted quickly when news came of Queen Elizabeth's death, as she was soon to take a service at her local care home.

‘The Queen’s death came as such a shock. However, on the Friday, the activity coordinator from Craghall Care Home asked me, “Can we put something together for Monday?” (The next time I was due to be with the residents.)

I replied, “We can certainly try!”

And we did!

‘There were more than 20 residents in the lounge when I arrived. Nicola had worked magnificently to prepare the room as well as a booklet for the service and another of memories of the Queen along with a candle and a prayer for each resident.

‘The service had been given to me by my vicar, to which I added two hymns… “Abide with me” and “The Lord’s my shepherd.”

‘It was emotional but beautiful, and so necessary. I had taken some photographs which prompted memories and feelings, which we shared after the service, over tea and biscuits. I was emotionally exhausted when I left, but very contented.’




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