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Methodist focus on Chaplaincy - a free event

A Celebration of Chaplaincy with the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

November 9, 2023, 7pm - 8pm We’re in challenging times, and yet people still talk of God at work in our broken world. Chaplains are part of God’s mission – living out the love of God in so many different places and discovering hidden treasures as people encounter God. Join us for a celebration of chaplaincy with the president and vice-president of the Methodist Conference as they link their theme of Hidden Treasures to the work of chaplaincy.

This event is an opportunity to give thanks for and affirm the work of chaplains through prayer, music and conversation. Hosted by the Methodist Church, the event is open to all and while it is mainly aimed at chaplains, those interested in chaplaincy are welcome to join and affirm chaplains and discover what God is doing through the work of chaplaincy. Click here to book

"The often unseen work of chaplains is undoubtedly a 'hidden treasure' which when uncovered and experienced by those on the receiving end of their listening, understanding and support can be life transforming. We owe much to those who take the love and example of Christ into places where many of us would not venture and who undertake this valuable kingdom work. They are to be treasured and held constantly in our prayers as they fulfil their calling."

The Revd Gill Newton, President of the Methodist Conference "My time as a workplace chaplain was one of the most rewarding, and challenging experiences I have had in ministry. Thank you [chaplains] for all that you do, that which is seen and treasured, and that which you might sometimes fear goes un-noticed and undervalued. To be able to hold space, for people of all faiths and none, to share what is going on in their lives, is a huge privilege. And yet it can sometimes feel as though chaplaincy is not understood or valued within the walls of our churches. Alongside being an inclusive, welcoming presence in so many different spaces, including workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, retail and community settings, chaplains also offer a prophetic voice back into our congregations."

"Chaplains bring the concerns of the world to our churches, and through the roles they inhabit, show how we might all better live out our faith in both words and action. Chaplaincy is something to be treasured."

Deacon Kerry Scarlett, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference


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